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Spi-Cell Tester™

Spi-Cell Tester™

One-Sun Solar Cell Tester

The Spi-Cell Tester™ tests the electrical performance of photovoltaic cells under simulated sunlight. A xenon arc lamp with an optical filter provides a close match to the Air Mass 1.5 Global (AM1.5G) solar spectrum.

The Spi-Cell Tester measures current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of cells with dimensions up to 156 mm x 156 mm at 1 sun intensity. Its high resolution also permits testing of very small area devices. Separate current and voltage probes on the top and bottom of the cell permit four-point (Kelvin) I-V measurements. A calibrated monitor cell is located on the test plane to monitor the light intensity.

Spi-Cell Tester™A computer with user friendly software adjusts the lamp intensity, controls the measurement process, and acquires cell performance data. A programmable electronic load varies the resistance across the cell to measure its I-V characteristics. The computer plots the I-V curve and displays a variety of cell characteristics. Curves and data can be printed and stored on disk.

Features and Benefits

  • Measures and displays the following cell parameters:
    • Complete I-V curve
    • Open circuit voltage, Voc
    • Short-circuit current, Isc
    • Cell temperature, °C
    • Peak power, Pmax
    • Cell efficiency, η
    • - Fill factor, FF
    • Series resistance, Rs
    • Shunt resistance, Rsh
  • Illumination uniformity within ±2% at 1 sun
  • Xenon light source filtered to Class A spectrum (AM1.5G) for intensities from 70 to 110 mW/cm²
  • Calibrated reference cell traceable to NREL
  • Four point probe for accurate measurements
  • Temperature controlled vacuum chuck using a closed loop water chiller
  • Computer system and software package for operation, measurements, data analysis, printed output, and disk storage

Location In Spi-Line Module Line

Location In Spi-Line Module Line

Spi-Cell Tester Rev E 3-09