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Test Photovoltaic Module Performance

Test the electrical performance of photovoltaic modules under simulated Air Mass 1.5 Global terrestrial conditions.


Spi-Sun Simulator™ 5600SLP Blue

Spire introduces the most advanced solar simulator to insure that you are getting the maximum power out of your modules. The 5600SLP Blue has a Class A+ spectrum containing wavelength components from 300nm to 1100nm, well into the blue to insure shallow junction solar cells absorb the maximum amount of the solar spectrum possible.

Spi-Sun Simulator™ 5600SLP

The Spi-Sun Simulator 5600SLP provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements. The system allows for better control of “measurement uncertainty” by delivering Class A+ spectral/spatial/temporal performance in combination with a measurement repeatability of ≤ 0.15%.

Spi-Module QA™ High-Throughput Integrated Test System

Built around Spire’s industry-leading Spi-Sun Simulator™, the Spi- Module QA performs complete PV module quality assurance testing. This highly flexible system can be tailored to match factory space and throughput requirements and includes automated module transport to minimize operator handling. Systems can be configured for either crystalline silicon or thin film module lines.

Spi-EL™ Electroluminescence Solar Module Testers

The Spi-EL series of solar module testers uses electroluminescence (EL) measurements to identify microcracks and other invisible defects in modules. The testers utilize cooled near-infrared CCD camera technology to image each solar cell with resolutions as fine as 170μm per pixel, which is equivalent to a 60 megapixel image for an entire module.

Spi-Sun Simulator™ Series

Photovoltaic module testing system featuring a Single-Long Pulse or multi-pulse light source that closely matches the solar spectrum while avoiding excess solar cell heating. Max. module dimensions: 200 cm x 137 cm.


Spi-Module QA™ 3500 & 4600

An automated PV module testing system that combines the advanced I-V measurement capabilities of the Spi-Sun Simulator with high voltage isolation and ground continuity testing. The QA (Quality Assurance) option which automates the systems to allow for efficient module alignment, transport, probing and testing.


High Voltage Test Station™ 4600

This station consists of a rugged steel frame supporting an electrically non-conductive table top that serves as the module test surface. A dielectric analyzer (High Voltage Test) is used for testing the dielectric strength of insulating materials and measuring the amount of leakage current from a test specimen at a selected high voltage.