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Automated Photovoltaic Module Laminators

Spire offers automated Spi-Laminator™ photovoltaic laminators that produce modules up to 450 cm x 230 cm. These laminators bond multiple layers of materials together with thermo-plastic or thermosetting films, such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer. The processing chamber of each laminator has temperature, vacuum and atmospheric pressure capabilities, which are independently controlled to provide optimum processing conditions for particular materials and configurations including laminating glass superstrate, double glass, substrate, or flexible modules.

Spire's automated laminators can be integrated into your fully automated module production line, or operated in manual mode. In automatic mode, a programmed process sequence consistently produces high quality modules and offers automated loading and unloading of modules. In manual mode, the controls can be operated as desired.

Features and Benefits

  • The diaphragm sheet can be easily replaced thanks to a unique, quick-release clamping system
  • Variable speed motors lift the upper chamber horizontally, allowing quick solar laminate loading and unloading in automatic mode
  • Touch-screen operation allows quick set-ups of PLC control system
  • Teflon-coated heating platens and release sheet extend diaphragm life
  • The laminator lower belt conveyor transfers solar modules smoothly
  • Brush unit automatically cleans excess EVA on transfer belt
  • Standard features include loading and unloading conveyors

Location In Spi-Line Module Line

Location In Spi-Line Module Line

Laminator Series Sizes

Location In Spi-Line Module Line

Spi-Laminator Rev E 4_30_09