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Solar Manufacturing Equipment

Test & Sort Solar Cells

Equipment manufactured to test and sort solar cells for optimized module performance.

Tab & String Solar Cells

Tabber and Stringer that interconnects solar cells by soldering tabs to cell contacts, producing solar cell strings.

Cell Alignment and Transfer

Equipment manufactured to align, pick up and transfer solar cells strings from storage trays onto module substrates.

Inspect & Laminate Modules

Inspection and encapsulation of solar modules with heat, vacuum and pressure to form a uniform structure.

Complete Module Assembly

Trim solar modules, install sealant & frames, attach electrical junction boxes, mount and add structure.

Test Module Performance

Test the electrical performance of photovoltaic modules under simulated sunlight conditions.

Spire Solar is an innovator and supplier of solar module, cell and thin film production lines to the world's leading photovoltaic producers. Integrated into Spire's Turnkey Production Lines is a full range of manufacturing equipment.

Solar Production Process Cell Sorter Assembler Laminator Simulator