Spire Solar, LLC

A Focus on Metrology

Spire's metrology suite includes equipment used by national and
independent test laboratories around the world because of the extreme
accuracy of measurements. Equally important is the low cost of
ownership of this same suite that makes it very versatile and widely
used by most global manufacturing companies.

Customer Service

Our Goal is to Exceed
Your Expectations

Repair services, on-site calibration, equipment training and spare parts are offered
on Spire equipment, manufactured boards, power supplies, thermocouple modules and
data acquisition boards.

Spire Corporation

A Global Solar Company

Spire Corporation is a leading technology and equipment supplier to the
solar photovoltaic (PV) industry providing turnkey solar module and cell
, PV module test equipment, along with worldwide support services.

Research & Development

A Strong Pedigree in Performing
State-of-the-Art R&D

With over 40 years of experience and $100 million in R&D and PV,
Spire has successfully completed over 500 government funded or
commercially funded R&D programs, and our unique experience
and technical depth puts us in a unique position to ensure the
success of our customers. 

Welcome to Spire Solar

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Spire's sun simulator business by Eternal Sun. This acquisition creates a solar testing powerhouse delivering solutions to R&D and manufacturing customers in the solar industry worldwide. Objective testing has a critical part to play in developing a mature, global industry which can compete with the full range of energy sources in today’s demanding cost environment.

The two companies address different markets, and together are able to offer quality control, insight and confidence across the entire supply chain. R&D institutions use Eternal Sun’s patented steady state (continuous light) technology to emulate sunlight accurately with up to 98% accuracy, while the manufacturers use Spire’s flash technology to provide quality assurance during manufacture. In addition to this complementary technology, Eternal Sun will benefit from the brand, market access and talent pool of the Spire employees related to the simulator business.

Spire Turnkey Systems will re-brand its image to reflect its new focus towards solar manufacturing lines and away from the simulator business. As part of their re-branding of Spire Turnkey Systems, they will in the near future be introducing a new domain and logo to better present their focus on manufacturing lines.

Spire Turnkey equipment can be found here.

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